Battle for the Soul of America

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7:00pm    Doug & Joe Hagmann Cover the latest news and current events from the latest on the Supreme Court battle to international ternoil that is increasing.

7:30pm    We will continue with news while taking your phone calls at 844-769-2944.

9:00pm    Americas Pastor, Pastor David Lankford joins us in the last hour of each wednesdays show.  its been a few weeks since his last appearence so we are lookig forward to having him back.


About The Author
- The Hagmann Report provides listeners information about current events and historical topics that transcend the political right-left paradigm and delve into the real issues behind the sugar-coated news. This unique, father-son detective duo uses their investigative abilities and resources to aggressively research and report on issues left untouched by the corporate media and those that exist beyond the scope of the non-traditional media. The show addresses many issues once considered mere fodder for “conspiracy theorists,” tracing their roots from the various events that created them through the fabric of history to the present day.