Brennan Soon Behind ‘Barrs?’ Resistance​ & Blowback- Full Show – 10 25 19

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Note: Due to an in-studio equipment malfunction, we can only present hour one.

The big news is that a criminal investigation is being opened by the US Attorney General – the worst possible news for John Brennan, James Clapper, and James Comey. Meanwhile, the impeachment process continues in an unconventional and unconstitutional manner, while street riots are being planned and funded by groups like Refuse Fascism.

Show Notes & Links

  • Michael Moore – “President Pelosi” is the goal – CLICK HERE for video
  • Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin have trouble with names… CLICK HERE for video
  • Fox – Hannity – Deep State Panic – CLICK HERE for video
  • Laura Ingraham on the Criminal Investigation – Video HERE
  • Rachael Maddow confusion – Video HERE
  • Resolution re Impeachment (judiciary committee): LINK TO PDF
  • Rep Elise Stefanik VIDEO  June 12, 2019 / March 21, 2017 (Comey) -VIDEO HERE



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