Ep. 1788 – Hagmann Report – 12/19/2018

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Segment 1:  The Daily Caller, Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action,grassroots leader, and co-founder of the tea party movement, discussed the immigration crisis, Democrat distractions, and media manipulation. (@MarkMeckler)

Segment 2:  Robert Griswold owner of (ReadyMadeResources.com) joins us to talk about his company specifically night vision goggles & more.

Segment 3:  Coach Dave Daubenmire will bring us an update on his latest activities. (CoachDaveLive.com)

Segment 4:  Alicia Powe (@Alicia_Powe)

Segment 5 & 6:  Pastor Lankford joins us each Wednesday in the last hour for his weekly slot. (TheVoiceofEvangelism.com)