Ep. 307: Will President Trump Use National Emergency Power for Border Security?

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Remember when members of the new media discussed the national emergency powers of the office of the President under Barack Hussein Obama and were called conspiracy kooks? Today, the USA Today is talking about President Trump’s recent remarks that under the U.S. Constitution, he has the authority to declare a national emergency as it relates to the southern border. Now, the radical Left is collectively pushing the #FakeNews that President Trump could also take over the Internet under such powers, simply because he does not like the search results from Silicon Valley-controlled results. They are apoplectic and unhinged, purveying their own irrational conspiracy theories far beyond anything that appeared in the new media a decade ago.

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- Douglas J. Hagmann has been a licensed investigator in the private sector for the last 30 years. As a private detective, Hagmann has worked well over 5,000 cases and is recognized as a surveillance specialist. He has worked as an informational and operational asset for various federal and state law enforcement agencies.