Federal Court Insanity in the Illegal Invasion of the US – Ep. 1853

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The fight against the illegal invasion of the US is multi-faceted. One front where the war rages is within the federal court system – a battlefront that President Trump is valiantly fighting. As the Democrat-Socialists are attempted to destroy the nation from within, they are still getting help from Barack Hussein Obama by way of rogue federal judges. This was exquisitely explained by Daniel Horowitz in a recent article at the Conservative Review. We are fighting a battle between the branches of power, which is critical for everyone to understand. Doug Hagmann explains this most important issue by breaking down the elements of this fight, including how DHS Secretary Nielsen’s resignation plays into all of this.

Segment 1,2:  News with Doug Hagmann

Segment 3,4:  Peter Chowka (@PChowka > Peter.media)

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