Good Gun Bad Guy Radio with Dan Wos #3 – How Anti-Gunners Recruit & COVID 2A Shutdowns + Guest 2A Advocate Antonia Okafor

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Good Gun Bad Guy Radio with Dan Wos Episode No. 3; Saturday, April 4, 2020:  Today on the show, How the Anti-Gun crowd recruits their minions, Governments shutting down the 2nd Amendment during times of crisis and our special guest, 2nd Amendment Advocate Antonia Okafor. Today is April 4TH, 2020. This is episode #3 of Good Gun Bad Guy Radio with Dan Wos.

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About The Author
- Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment Advocate, Spokesperson and Commentator. He is the Author of the “Good Gun Bad Guy” book series and Host of “Good Gun Bad Guy Radio.” Dan is a contributing writer for several publications and appears as a guest on radio and TV across the country including the Sean Hannity Show, NRATV and many others. Dan also speaks at statewide and national events, including the Gun Rights Policy Conference and several others. Speaking on behalf of gun-rights, Dan exposes the strategies and tactics used by the anti-gun crowd to corrupt the gun-narrative. The Good Gun Bad Guy mission is to counteract the deceitful propaganda, perpetuated by anti-gun politicians and media outlets, while reporting 2nd Amendment related news accurately. “The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.”