Portland, Kenosha, Etc. – Obama’s Monster Has Escaped the Lab – Jack Cashill In Studio – 8/31/2020

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Best-selling author Jack Cashill (website: Cashill.com) joins Doug for a robust in-studio discussion. Are the events unfolding on the Democratic streets of Portland, Seattle, and Kenosha connected to the actions of Barack Hussein Obama? Without a doubt. Joe Biden? Yes. Jack Cashill explains.

For the eight years of his presidency, President Barack Obama nurtured the Hydra-headed monster now rampaging through America’s cities. He coddled the monster, excused its excess, told it what it wanted to hear. Yet for all the wanton destruction of life and property, there has been little talk in Democratic circles about the monster, even less about how it came to be. And when the party’s presidential candidate Joe Biden finally hinted at the monster’s existence, he disowned it. “For the last four years, we weren’t having riots, racial riots,” said Biden of his and Obama’s second term. “When they occurred, we didn’t have to call in the National Guard?” Wrong, Joe, on both counts. The volatile collective of Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, Organizing for Action (OFA), and various offshoots were born on your watch. Politico, in fact, called OFA “Obama’s army.” You and Barack own this baby.

Liberals may have once cared about things like evidence and justice. Progressives did not. American Spectator

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