Switching From Defense To Offense – Doug Hagmann & Keith Hanson – Full Show – 1/8/20

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We are in a war for our very survival – our survival, the future of our children and their children – and our nation. That stated we cannot continue to play defense if we expect to win. During the first segment, Doug Hagmann provides an account of the McMinn County, Tennessee War that took place in 1946 (known as The Battle of Athens). Perhaps that can be used as a template for Conservative Christian patriots moving forward. Keith Hanson joins Doug for the remainder of the program. Topics include the current situation with Iran.

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About The Author
- Dubbed "...THE voice of common-sense Conservatism in New Hampshire and Vermont," Keith is the host of The Keith Hanson Show (a Hagmann Report affiliate). Keith is an active entrepreneur and business owner, a professional trainer in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines, certified life coach, avid public speaker, and talented chef.