The Keith Hanson Show #675 – Being a Principled Conservative in the Social Media Age – Dan Perkins on China Expunging US Journalists 3/18/20

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It’s time to have a serious conversation about what it means to be a principled conservative… and this conversation comes in light of a seemingly renewed effort by some social media outlets – especially Facebook – to suppress the dissemination of certain information.  Then, author and political analyst and commentator Dan Perkins will join me to discuss China’s barring journalists from several media outlets… and sanctions put on several more. Plus… if you enjoy good conspiracy theories, I’ll give you a new one to weigh the merits of.

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- Dubbed "...THE voice of common-sense Conservatism in New Hampshire and Vermont," Keith is the host of The Keith Hanson Show (a Hagmann Report affiliate). Keith is an active entrepreneur and business owner, a professional trainer in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines, certified life coach, avid public speaker, and talented chef.