The Keith Hanson Show Ep #663 – Three Dems Drop, Chris Matthews Out, Guest Karen Kataline – 3/2/2020

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And then… there were four.  Lots of news from over the weekend to discuss… Three of the candidates who were on stage last week in the South Carolina democrat debate are now out of the race… We’ll talk about who is left standing with Karen Kataline, who has just returned from CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference… Plus breaking news from earlier this evening… Chris Matthews out at MSNBC, and from earlier this morning, Flavor Flav fired from the rap group Public Enemy over a disagreement about Bernie Sanders.  Lots to talk about on this Monday!




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- Dubbed "...THE voice of common-sense Conservatism in New Hampshire and Vermont," Keith is the host of The Keith Hanson Show (a Hagmann Report affiliate). Keith is an active entrepreneur and business owner, a professional trainer in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines, certified life coach, avid public speaker, and talented chef.