The Real Pushback Begins – Ep. 1855

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It seems as if the Conservatives have been playing defense against the agenda and objectives of the Socialists who appear to be dominating our government, culture, and society. However, recent events suggest that the tide might be changing. From the change of leadership at DHS to the testimony of Attorney General William Barr, it appears that pushback is starting.

In this episode, Doug Hagmann outlines stunning information about the illegal invasion and the war against our culture and morals, but also provides evidence that serious investigation of the actions of coup leaders inside the US is underway.

In the second half of this broadcast, Ted and Austin Broer discuss the facts about the recent “Medical Martial Law” being implemented in New York and what it means to us in the bigger picture of things.

Segment 1,2:  News with Doug Hagmann

Segment 3:  Austin Broer (

Segment 4:  Dr. Ted Broer (