We Need Perp Walks, Not Pep Talks – Coach Dave Daubenmire – 8/29/19

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We no longer have a Justice System.  We have a legal system.  You may be shocked to find out that those two are not the same. Currently, we have a multi-tier legal system where those at the top are protected by rich and powerful friends.

Money talks.  It always has and it always will.  Money buys power and influence.  Power and influence destroy Justice.  If there is no Justice in America then there is no true freedom.  Lady Justice is no longer blindfolded.  Instead, she wears tinted glasses.  Green is her favorite color.  READ IT ALL -by Coach Dave Daubenmire – CLICK HERE.

Wisconsin Christian News – CLICK HERE

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- Douglas J. Hagmann has been a licensed investigator in the private sector for the last 30 years. As a private detective, Hagmann has worked well over 5,000 cases and is recognized as a surveillance specialist. He has worked as an informational and operational asset for various federal and state law enforcement agencies.