You Can Run But Can’t Hide From Justice – “Coach” Dave Daubenmire Joins Doug Hagmann – 7/18/19

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Doug Hagmann is joined by Coach Dave Daubenmire about 15 minutes into the first hour of today’s program. Note: Equal Justice Tour Facebook

To expose corruption is only one-half of what we, as Americans need to do. The other half is equally if not exceedingly more important. We must demand that justice be applied to the guilty in a swift and equal manner without regard to who they are.  To simply demand it, however, without action on our part is meaningless. We need to act to make sure that our call for equal justice are heard loud and clear by the people who have sworn to uphold the law and render equal justice. How do we do that?

It’s going to take all of us, acting individually and collectively, to become involved. We must show our righteous determination no matter how insurmountable the chances might appear. Working together is our only hope at success. Failure is not an option.

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